March 6th, 2005

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I have been avoiding the Internet recently and behind on everything. yet I cannot write down and explain why! I always say I will post again more regularly and I will! I swear! lol

My dearest mother

Today is Mother's Day in the UK. I have never worked out why we have it in March and everyone else in the world practically has it in May. Maybe its a catholic thing! There is a lot I love about my mother. She can be very bitchy and outspoken when out and in shops. If someone pushes in front of her, then she will have a word to say! or she will complain loudly in public about faulty goods or some issue. perhaps even embarrassingly so! I still love her though. She had a good day today with luxury breakfast and orchids and cards and stuff! From my father, not really me, but it still counts! :)

My mum can be so cynical! take for example, the Olympics! She wants the 2012 Olympics to go to Paris. Then we don't have to pay for it or look like morons if it all goes wrong! plus in Paris, we could go there by Eurostar for the day etc! I love her ideology.

Nazi Germany & The Olympics

The Olympic committee came to visit London two or so weeks ago to look around at the planning and everything for the bid for the 2012 games. The top runners at the moment are London, Paris, New York and possibly Madrid, although I think they may have ruined their chances with their racist football issues (see past entry here). I found the whole oddity of the committee bizarre! London was tidied up to look fairly nice for them and things were changed. It reminds me of when the Olympics went to Berlin when the Nazi's were in power. They removed anti Jewish signs and things like park benches with a yellow star which were for Jews only etc. It felt like that. Some businesses are annoyed that the land that will be turned into buildings for the Olympics and stadiums and the village etc are losing out. They say that the money they will be compensated is far less than its worth and some of them made "anti-Olympic" signs and banners that were put on their buildings. They were forced to remove them. If that was on my land, than I have the right to do what I want!

I think there is an apathy about London hosting the Olympics amongst us. It would be really nice to see it somewhere in the UK, but I am not sure we could pull it off. We have made dreadful disasters in the past, and its all due to politics and people stepping in and changing things :( I am not anti the Olympic bid though, but the whole scheme seemed to be "brain-washing" with this huge campaign!

The day when the committee visited the London Underground to have a look at it, it worked better than I think it ever has before! There was no problems or the delays on the tube that day and my mother never got home so fast from work! I think it was a world record lol! Its amazing what creating a image of a lovely place gives you! Yet its all a theatrical façade of London!

The Grinch

Seamus (the dawg) gets two walks a day and I tend to go on the evening one if  I can! But in the morning there is a whole community at the park, Its absolutely amazing! I go with one of my parents in the morning about once a week. They alternate between them in taking him in the mornings and go just after 8am. I don't normally wake up till 9! (some people go out with their dogs at like 6am!)

The early morning walk is an amazing thing. Its cold and you feel and look like shit at the start, but its very revitalising and refreshing! the old fashioned idea of a good morning constitution walk is really true! - maybe it wakes up the brain!

There is loads of dog friends for the dog to play with and its quite a social event! I have met loads of nice new people. My mum took him with me and had to rush off for a work meeting so I walked back home myself. Our house is about 3 minutes away from the house!

On walking home and going up my street (I live on a hill) I see coming down the street the father of a Italian family who live two doors away from us. He owns a local Italian restaurant (which we don't particularly like, we think its over priced). As I walk past him I say Good Morning and he grunts something and basically ignores me!

We don't really talk to them not for any bad reason but they don't live next door to us and we have no problems relating. However we are always polite and nice to them! I told my mum this story and she just says he is just an obnoxious so and so! bless! I am not making social judgements at all, but its a coincidental thing he drives a 4x4!

Now I stop writing and post! I shall write again in my lj! I promise! :)</font>

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