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Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops
I don't have to justify myself to you
My connection went down for like half an hour a bit ago with LCP errors or something (?) and I nearly had a breakdown! Its kindda sad when you need water, electricity, gas and a wireless network just to live! and mobile network coverage! How do people live in caves without tv's? I am sure they have far more fulfilling lives or just turn into cannibals!

I was casually looking through an ex boyfriend (from years ago) from the interweb's profile the other day and found out he voted for Bush in November. All I can think of is that thankgod we split up and now never speak, it would never have worked out!

Now I go watch Takeshi's Castle in bed and then sleep :)

Current Mood: complacent complacent

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No its not lube Tuesday. It's Christmas Time etc etc blah blah. I go crazy and send cards to all my friends. I don't celebrate the religious side of Christmas anymore, but I do like the lights and the decorations and the time when people get together and gifts etc etc. I send a lot of Christmas Cards and I like to send them all over the world, but normally leave it really late!

If you want a Christmas Card from me and I don't have your address, send me a email and I'll send you one. I am writing them at the moment (I'm not really writing them at the moment but will sometime the day before Christmas) so let me know. I would like to exchange them if possible :)

I have to go through all my friends address list and check they still live where they were last year ;)

ugh the stress of Christmas! I am currently Christmas shopping online!

Current Mood: busy busy

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