October 22nd, 2004

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Homophobia to the power of 2

I was surfing through peoples homepages the other day and found the site of this guy from the UK. He was cute, but had this section about homophobia. It amused me, so I thought I would write about it. He had this section of his bio which had phases like (not copied word for word)...

"I am straight, but I'm not homophobic, I like women"
"I have nothing against gay people as long as the don't come on to me, or try to hit on me"
"I have lots of gay friends, but I don't think gay people should be allowed to marry or have equal rights as me"

I am sure gay and bi people have seen that sort of thing all over the web! The person has issues and is uncomfortable with gay people" He may not go around beating gay people up, but just because he has "gay friends", he can use that as a justification to say he does not agree with gay people and doesn't want to be hit on. Just because I am gay, it does not mean I am going to attack/ try to sleep with/ come on to /sexually want a straight person! Yes just the type of person I have always wanted. Someone who is judgemental and bigoted.

I feel the most uncomfortable talking to straight men on-line. Because I have this fear they will turn around at any minute and say you are queer? ewwww! etc! I always get shocked when its a straight guy and they don't care!

There is guys out there, who are only sexually attracted to women, but they have no problem at all with gay men or women. They support them and in their rights. Perhaps they are the people most at comfort and know their sexuality. Why do gay men pose as a threat to the other straight people (and the biggest percentage of straight men?)

I do believe in the theory that everyones' brains are bisexual, or maybe we can have bisexual thoughts. My brain says that I find men sexy and not women. However I believe that every single person on this earth, has at one stage had a passing thought in their brain saying they find someone attractive who is not their usual sexual preference! People still find people they would not normally sexually be attracted to, good-looking or beautiful. I am not sure though if everyone is bisexual. I think they do have a in built preference and whether that can change or not I don't know! Maybe I will sleep with a women sometime in my life. I don't know! I think probably not, but I keep an open mind.

There is a new European Union (EU) Commissioner called Rocco Buttiglione who is just coming in to the EU. He said some lovely comments the other day. He claimed that sexual diversity was a "sin", that single mothers were morally wrong and that women were only allowed to marry to have children.

He has offended people who are gay, single mothers and most women! There is calls for him to go and I think he should. He is a devout Catholic and claims he cannot change his personal beliefs. Okay maybe, but why should I have someone representing me in Europe who is against the way I run my life and against my beliefs that people should not be judged on what they do. People on the commission will be against any discrimination according to the rules of being on the team.

He is using his right wing religious beliefs to judge and spread discrimination and bigotry. I don't think he should represent all the people of Europe. I would not want any person with right wing beliefs representing me. What next he starts talking about the fact the bible says evolution never happened?

I think there will be an outcry until he goes. Europe is a mixed, mostly liberal place. You can't stand up and go for a job and then condemn people. People will turn against you and oust you.

The news story about Rocco Buttiglione is at the UK version of Gay.com and on BBC News
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