October 21st, 2004

Daniel's Hair

The Lighthouse Family

In shock news, I sorted out my livejournal and dug out my missing livejournal post, that mysteriously got replaced during a email entry. I reconstructed it going through comments from that post.

Also I updated my current favourite things on the site bar, if you are viewing my actual livejournal, its all up to date and back right =======> there

Its so stormy tonight. All I can hear is wind and rain battering against the house! I wish I lived in a lighthouse! I always dreamed of that when I was a kid. Although there would be so much step climbing going up and down and going to different rooms! I need a lighthouse with a lift or escalator device! There is something nice about being warm inside and hearing it battering outside (but bad if you are stuck outside in it!)

Now I go to sleep, but shall update more :)
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