October 9th, 2004

Daniel Spikes

oh the stress!

I am going away this weekend! We are off to visit my brother in Exeter. He lives in Exeter and goes to Exeter University. We are staying the night in a hotel ("we" as in my parents and I). ugh its so stressful. I hate leaving the house!

Anyway I "borrowed" a map from lonely planet and you can see my fabulous trip! No expense spared!

my journey!

The dog is going into boarding kennels for 2 nights!

I may be insane by the end of the trip and possibly sectioned. I shall try and post on my phone if I can get a signal!

One good thing about it, is that I get to visit Stone Henge on the way yey! I have never been to it, and virtually everyone I know has been!

I have to go and get to bed, I have to up at 8am on a Saturday *gasp* to pack! I say don't forget your ipod!

P.S ~ I hate the last 2 hours before going away somewhere, its so stressful packing and everything argh! One good thing is that it takes away the anxiety of the actual trip ;)
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