October 5th, 2004

Daniel Short Hair!

Janet Leigh

I have a big livejournal post to write about and its still being written about what happened to me. It shall be finished shortly :)

I found it really sad Janet Leigh died this week (BBC News Story) at the age of 77. The thing that amazed me the most is that Tony Curtis outlived her. In the laws of statistics its so weird. Women usually live longer than men (go to any old peoples home/ nursing home and see the female to male ratio, about like 10 women to every man) and also he did so much wild partying, drugs, drink and women and he still outlived her! I guess no-one can predict when you're gonna go, unless you get some illness or something.

I always wondered though if she was haunted by Psycho. Its what every person knew her for and the biggest movie she ever did. But I wonder if she got tired of every interview she did, talking about it etc. Although she did cameo roles in horror films in recent years, so maybe she liked to laugh at herself :)

I guess when you get to about 60 years old, all the Hollywood actor greats you know, will be dead!
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