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Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops
I don't have to justify myself to you
feeling like crap :(

I was so ill on Saturday you would not believe! I had the flu (I thought it was food poisoning at first) and it got worse and worse throughout the day! The last time I felt that unwell and dead with the flu was the week before drunkgothCatherine's wedding Feb 2003 old posts see the last couple of posts of that month in 2003 there.

I felt better on Sunday and was eating more, but still not feeling 100%
I hate it when you just don't want to leave your bed and if you do, you feel almost too dizzy to walk!

I know some of my friends suffer from vertigo and now I really know what it feels like and they have my sympathy :)

On Saturday night I had a nightmare night trying to sleep and kept waking up every hour! It was so weird, it wasn't because I felt so sick, it was because my brain was really really active. It was going through loads of things and analysing and making strategies and stuff. I was trying to blank my brain but it was bizarre! I have never had that before, and my friends who suffer from insomnia have my sympathies too :)

thank god the worst is over (I hope!)

I was looking through my site logs and someone came to my site from here It seems to have archived some of my pics from 2003! I don't remember joining that site at all and don't know why it stopped loading from my cam either! I probably did join it in the past, I always join and forget! lol But it wont let met log in with any log in I know. its weird when you find yourself plastered across strange sites on the net! lol

Current Mood: sick sick
Current Music: Basement Jaxx - Good Luck (roni size dancefloo

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