August 13th, 2004

Daniel + Red Hair

I'm bored of the Olympics already....

... and they haven't even started yet!

In 1991 we went on a family holiday to Greece. (the year before in 1990, we spent one month during the Summer doing a house exchange to Carmel in CA, USA and it was the best holiday we have ever had to this day!). I had a friend in the middle school I was in at the time called George. His father was a Greek diplomat and had one of the cool cars with a "D" on it! I remember going to the cinema with him and he parked right outside it on the pavement to drop us off! lol After the end of school he went back to Greece and we decided to go on holiday in 1991 to see him. His grandmother ran a hotel on Cape Sounion which is about 2 hours from Athens and has an amazing Temple of Poseidon on the top of the cape. Its brilliant for sunset and sunrise views! There is a picture of it on webshots right here. The hotel is grandmother ran was nice, but very basic really. But most of Greece that we saw was like that. Its very poor really and basic and dated. But still a nice place. (very very very hot in the Summer though!)

It was very sad at the time though, because we saw these people everywhere selling t-shirts. They said Athens 1996 on it with the Olympic rings. That year Athens and Atlanta both were in the running for the 1996 Olympics. Just before we left for Greece, Atlanta won the bid for them. There was a scandal about it in Europe, because that was a special year of the Olympics (bi-centenary or something?) and a lot of people thought it should go back to the place it started, but of course America could put more money down for it. But the merchandise was already made and was trying to be sold. We should have brought one really, but didn't.

Someone on popbitch said when Athens was massively behind with its building that Greece is pratically a third world country and I think it is really. It is a nice place really and the people are nice but there is little money for anything!

But hey, they finished everything on time and it all looks gorgeous! I have this feeling they are left with massive debts though because of it all!

The Sydney Olympics were the most amazing so far, the opening ceremony was brilliant with all the Australian stuff and tiny stages and people in buildings/floats moving around and Kylie Minogue! I am just remembering when the lighting of the flame failed because tv companies (was it cnn?) put their cables and trapped the mechanism for making the flame go up the water steps and it paused for ages! lol Was that Sydney? I cannot even remember now!

I don't think Athens can beat that, but maybe they can, who knows! The UK is not gonna do very well this year, most of our main sports people are sick/injured/maimed or failed drug tests lol.

I guess I will peak into the Olympics to look at the sexy guys in different sports attire!
I always watch the opening and closing ceremonies though, however long they last! Its a gay thing isn't it I think! lol

Athens is two hours ahead of the UK apparently. Its GMT + 3 hours in the Summer and we are plus + 1 hour in the Summer. Most of Europe is one hour ahead of us (CET)

Later Update:- like totally OMG, I forgot Björk is in the opening ceremony! I wonder what they do in countries where there is ad breaks, I guess they just take them and leave the feed in the boring parts. In other news:- Rusty has a bigger panda than me!
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