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Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops
I don't have to justify myself to you
...in July for today only on QVC UK. I always laugh and think how stupid to have it in the summer and then suddenly its Christmas and I'm in a mad rush! I always say after Christmas that when its Christmas in July on QVC, I shall start preparing! I am writing all my cards tomorrow ;) nah my cards will probably arrive to everyone the day before Christmas as normal :)

Luscious D and Delicious Necroraven are blogging for the next 24 hours for charity only at theartistd.com. I was thinking about doing it, but I would look so shit in the morning and also I tend to start hallucinating after 4am lol!

Tonight on Channel 4, they had X Rated: The Pop Videos They Tried to Ban

I have seen a lot of them before, there used to be a weekly tv show on MTV Europe which had "x-rated" videos. I have seen Aphix Twin so many times, but still love the monstrous figure towering over the sweet old lady image lol. I still have never ever seen the ending of The Cardigans "My Favourite Game", where she crashes the car and dies at the end. I always love The Prodigy's video for "smack my bitch up" too, because it has such a brilliant final twist! Also the classic banned video of Frankie goes to Hollywood and "relax"

They showed it on the programme but I think the most shocking music video ever is Unkle's "Rabbit in the headlights". The first time I ever saw it was on MTV's X-rated slow and it was like 1am. That day I was really really ill and you know when you lay in bed and have no energy but also cannot sleep! I lay there and the video made me feel almost like I was going to be sick. The video shows the lead singer walking through a car traffic tunnel and keeps getting knocked over. I think the thing that makes it so shocking and powerful is that he keeps getting hit by the cars. They said on the show tonight that each time the lead singer is hit down, he gets up again and keeps walking along. At the end of the video a car hits him and he stands firm and the car explodes. There is a moral tale. It still is pretty uncomfortable, but still I want to see it and don't want it removed from my eyes for my own safety!

I was thinking the other day how different it would be if Janet Jackson or any big female star's breast fell out live in concert in the UK. It would be all in the press and media, but it would be amusing and funny and with news stories like "get them both out love".

Interestingly most of the most shocking pop videos ever made have been from the UK or Scandinavia and other parts of Europe :p

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