July 3rd, 2004

Daniel + Red Hair

Volatile Relations

*** me and rich started speaking again a few days ago yey and now I am making this post public ;) ***

The relationship with my best friend Rich is a weird one! We argue and fight and try to kill each other all the time. Our relationship is just to bitch at each other, and yet we are still not lovers or something!

About twice a year we stop talking for a while. I guess we piss each other off too much and I tend to write a friends only livejournal entry every time that he cannot see, much like this! I don't slag him off in them, I just write what's currently happening.

I think we both piss each other off, but make ourselves laugh a lot too. I notice my bestest friends I have ever had are people who make me laugh and people I make totally crack up. I don't really have "serious" relationships with people. I need to laugh all the time!

Rich gets moody and depressed quite a lot of the time. I think he's going through a period now and we have stopped talking for a few days. We will probably be talking again tomorrow, god knows! I save money from sending 100's of text messages a day and get a break!

I guess that sometimes you need a break from people.
My "not talking to people" never lasts though. They talk to me and then never realise we weren't actually not speaking argh!
I don't even know we ain't talking, it just happened! So far its been 2 days and counting. I hope he hasn't killed himself! argh! oh he will be fine or I get his flat! possibly
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Daniel Livejournal

you are such a banker!

I am up at a god forsaken early time on a Saturday morning! I don't wake up before 6pm or something normally (or possibly 10am). I woke up at 9! ARGH

Anyway I have to go with my parents into town, to go to the bank. I hate banks! Except sperm banks, but banks! argh!

I have to change a old savings account from my parents name re my name, to me! god its a old child savings account and also I wanna put my granny inheritance money in a isa tax saving account!

I cannot believe I actually have money saved and not spent it all! I am a spending nightmare!

Any who, I hope I don't have to queue for years and then a ding-dong goes off "please go to checkout 5" and you talk to some disgruntled worker though a voice machininy thing, behind thick glass!

Everything should be available online! grrr
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