June 10th, 2004

Where Is The Love ?

vote baby vote

in the words of Deelite...
vote baby vote, vote baby vote,
are you registered baby?

Today is probably the most complicated elections ever in the UK. Depending on where you live there is different election parts. In London I get to vote for London Mayor, Local elections and also european elections.

The forms are soooo confusing though! Its like pick 2 from here and then tick the red box. I still get postal votes, but wanted to vote this time in person for the first time ever at our local ballet box (up our street a little). They could not change it in time (I guess they only send out forms about what sort of voting you want, when its a general election).

I can vote on the postal vote forms and then hand it in with my parents votes.

I am not sure really who to vote for. Maybe I am just apathetic, but will whoever I vote for really make a difference or do anything? Whatever party is in, will break all their policies and annoy everyone by their end of their term! I shall tell you who I voted for later, probably liberal democrats, they are pro homosexuals and maybe Ken for mayor argh the choices!

My predictions are that hardly anyone will vote because they cant be arsed (they need digital tv/ sms text/ internet voting, although it would be like almost impossible to do it without fraud). Also I think that the extreme parties, eg the British National Party (another name for Nazi's) will do well! Because people seem to be really worked up and afraid of imigrants and assylum seekers and also because those parties organise themselves to vote and get people to vote for them! ugh

In Holland they have two ex big brother constestents to vote for and in one of the Scandivian countries (possible Sweden) they have a ex pornstar! God our people are so boring!

Vote for whoever you want. I can't tell you who to choose!
However I do think that peoples political choices are nearly always influenced by their parents. Conservative people nearly always come from conservative families and liberal nearly always from liberal families. The exception is people who rebel to their families, mostly people like gays, etc or people who want a new life away from them.

Maybe I am wrong, but nearly always people vote the same as their families! I guess its influences when you grow up. If you grow up with racist/nazi parents, do you have the same views?
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