June 5th, 2004

Daniel Smiling

Harry Pothead

Rusty Potter - I wanna be your Hymenione!

I take something so pure and nice and turn it perverted yey!

My godmother always wants to buy me something educational as a gift for birthdays and christmas, normally books. She told me that she hates the Harry Potter movies, because however good they are, they ruin the imagination that are laid out in the books. The careful details of everything which allow you to paint a picture.

I have seen the first two films, and still on chapter one of the first book (I'm sorry snowyb I will finish it by christmas 2007!)

I really should read more, instead of watching tv , using the internet, searching for/ watching porn, using mobile phones etc. internet is reading isnt it! my reading quota is fine! :)

I am soooooo exhausted out, I shall write more this weekend!
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Daniel Moody


It's weird, I always say I like being single and independent and I don't want a "significant other" because I am selfish and don't want to bother with all that stuff but really I want a boyfriend wargh!

I am going to sleep! thinking sucks!
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