March 31st, 2004

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it's all about the scandal baby

Why go and see "The Passion of Christ?" when you can watch "Jesus Christ Superstar" Popbitch

In America there is outrage and scandal and mass debate over firstly Janet Jackson showing her breast and then Simon Cowell doing secret finger signs, but what is the televisual scandal in the UK I hear you cry?

Yes, will gay sex be shown in Football Wives this week or not!? (shocking scandalous news story). If I don't see hardcore man on man gay sex on British tv before I die, I will be really pissed off!

Although I refuse to watch it in the same room as my parents! lol
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Have I ever done this? I forget! I don't think I have done this before! ugh my English grammar just gets worse and worse.

Anyway, ask me a question, any question you want to know! I have the legal right to refuse to answer though!

There is two choices! You can either ask me a question from you, or you can ask me a question and no one else can ever read it, and I will say its from anon :)

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Questions so far

Ask me a Question?

responses so far....

firelove- What are your long term goals in life? What do you hope to achieve.

That is such a bitch question argh! You have turned into my parents D darling! I have absolutely no idea! I don't want to be where I am now, and I want to be working, but I have been stuck in my current situation since 1996 :( Also I don't have some area which springs to mind, everyone in school has something they excel in more than other things, and I am average at everything except like maths, which I am crappy at!!

Jobs/couriers I have thought about...

o nursing
o agriculture/garden design type stuff
o web page design (I would hate to be paid to do it, especially as I am so bad at doing my own hehe)
o administration/ boring secretary type stuff
o becoming a rent boy / street whore
o afro hair dressing
o night club dancer / owner
o working in the media / writing or something
i.e I have no idea! Is that bad to have no goal at all? I am hoping one day it will just come to me, like a epiphany!

pyrokittybiatch- Will you cook me dinner? :P

Yes but I am a pretty shitty cook! oh my god I am such a bad homosexual! Actually I am not bad, just don't know how to do the complex stuff! I can do pasta and stuff. I am better looking after kids. Apparently I "entertain" them well (not in a sexual way, before anyone comments!) I sing and dance to them and apparently I am good with kids, cos I don't care what people think! I hate kids over like 4 years old though when they learn to speak! lol

alectoerinyes- If you were straight, would you marry me and have lots of little Daniels and Danielas with me? :-D

Who cares if I were straight, lets do it now darling! Just think we could both get access to the US and the UK and have kids! plus we could date other men, it would be so perfect! We would be the modern will and grace, but we would actually *do stuff* to other people, rather than a really safe innocent gay tv show! You never see Grace saying, "Will, you look tired after all that anal sex last night with the guy you found randomly on the street's"! ;)

devoiddroid- Your all gay?

Actually I think you will find Your All Gay and isn't it supposed to be y-o-u-'-r-e? ;) I forgot who the person is supposed to be who is pedantic, isn't it some composer person type!

witchwinterburn- boxers, briefs, or a sluttyboy thong?

Darling I am always slutty! I wear baggy boxers which is so dull! But jockstraps on men turn me on! I dunno thongs don't really cos that stringy bit must be painful after a while! I dunno I have never tried them, so how can I say :)
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Never make stuff really late at night, eg 2am! It always goes wrong! I think of the time azothColonial Rusty tried to re write his entire website at like 4am, really drunk and deleted it entirely for at least a day!

Anyway I made a mistake with the anonymous version of my ask me a question poll and its viewable to all doh! I wondered why no one posted in that box! kuzanagi_ pointed it out to me, and I never realised at all!

Ask Me a Question? with your question being public still works fine right here

But if you want to ask me a question anonymously, so your name is not revealed and only I can see your question, use this box here...

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no- one else can see the poll answers now, doh!

I wish it was possible to edit polls after they were made ;)