February 1st, 2004

Daniel Spikes


There's gonna be loads of men in tight pants/under garments/trousers late at night/ early in the morning, in my bedroom tonight and the super bowl will be on too! muhahaha. You can't pay for that kind of gay humour! Yet Graham Norton gets paid so much!

What do we in the UK translate "pants" as? I dunno! Do you say hot American football guys in trousers? argh! there is no translation really!

ugh loads of people have deleted me from their friends lists here. I am at my lowest number for months! I guess I have been posting really infrequently really, but I guess if they have deleted me, they weren't interested in my life really.

I have all the fun this week for my Grandma's funeral! argh! I shall post more about it later :)

To cheer myself up I brought devoiddroidRich's second hand Sony Ericsson p800 phone. He upgraded to a p900, so I brought his. I don't legally have it in my hands yet! I paid £100, and am paying £10 a month for 10 months in a standing order I set up to him. He didn't run a credit check on me though muhahahaha!

I do spend more money when I am stressed out and depressed I realise. I must_not_spend_money!

Is Ericsson the Swedish mobile company? I always get so confused. Nokia is Danish I remember. gorkerinaKarin is so going to kill me!

Speaking of the Swedish diva herself, good luck moving to the UK to be with it_telTerry permanently gorkerinaKarin darling! hope the travelling and moving over goes really well :))

I am off to watch The Secret Life Of Us , but shall write again later!
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