January 4th, 2004

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Darling I have a dilemma!

Currently my website is hosted by a little ickle UK hosting company called AliveWWW. I used them originally because they were dirt cheap, but their quality was dodgy. Now they are a bigger company and they are reliable, but also the prices have gone up.

My site has got bigger and bigger, and uses quite a lot of bandwidth a month and I cannot find any more ways to decrease it, unless I remove the secret gay p0rn section that no one knows about (kidding).

Last year with Alive, I paid £29.99 ($53.72) for 12 months and the year before I paid £12 ($21.50). The problem is I wanna buy 2 more gb of bandwidth at least for my server. If I upgrade my package and buy a extra gb for the year the total that this comes to is £64.99 ($116.42). That would give me 4gb monthly bandwidth and 1000mb of disk space. Last month my site went up to 3gb bandwidth, well just over that. Currently I have 2gb.

My yearly renewal comes up on 11th Jan 2004. I am considering moving hosting. I love alive, and have nothing against them. I feel so guilty and bad leaving a small community and company. I am just thinking about other companies. I had this debate with myself last year but stayed on, because there is no massive better deals with uk companies and the stress and trouble of moving everything argh.

The evil miss punkpixieflemJody however has changed her uk site, to a international hoster which is so cheap and gives you so much.
Kings Hosting

For $19.95 a year you get so much and unlimited disk space, and 5gb bandwidth! Also I could give each hostee on my site, their own ftp and its so much safer!


  • you get so much for your money, and its so cheap!

  • new hosting, new place, safer and a change


  • The company must be fairly new because there is no reviews or anything about them on google searches or google groups

  • having to move to a new place and move everything over

  • it uses linux, and my old one used a freebsd unix

  • things could seem to good to be true!

  • Its hosting is in america and billing will be in $ (rates can change, but doesn't really matter)

  • their website is pretty simple, and some of the images on it don't work /broken

I dunno argh!

Anyway what do my friends who have fancy homepages, who do you host with?

I read something about choosing hosting online and if you get a lot for a very good price, it normally is too good to be true. They are getting quick custom, but will they last a year? Also it said to check their acceptable usage policy carefully, because cheap hosters can have odd clauses.

Reading though that one, there is a lot of stuff about if you use too much machine cpu, they will cancel your account. The worst way to do that is to use a forum on your space, which I don't but do have a blog and also want to get a php gallery going.

I dunno, currently I am in a reasonably stable place

grrr I hate dilemma's!
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