December 17th, 2003

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Today's TV Choice

The Nation's Favourite Christmas Food (BBC2, 8pm) - one hour of Christmas food! yummy!

Extreme.... Animal Attacks (Five, 8pm) - how to get your arm bitten off by a lion in the wild, in the English countryside ;)

How Clean Is Your House (Channel4, 8:30pm) - about a young 24 year old guy who has turned his single bedroomed flat into a allegedly "hovel". I don't know anyone like that at all ;) *cats claws*, *miaow*

V Graham Norton (Channel4, 10pm or repeated on E4, 11:40pm) - It's the last ever week of the V Graham Norton daily show format, thankgod! Weekly is coming back. This week is all from L.A, and on Monday they had Shirley MacLaine, yesterday they had Tracey Ullman, which I am annoyed I missed and tonight the freaky, yet immortal Burt Reynolds!

Jaws 2 - The Revenge (BBC1, 11:15pm) - The sequel which is Schnieder-less. I like I think Jaws3, with the aquarium and the shark breaks through the glass!

Scream Team (LivingTV, 11pm) - About a year or two ago, actually it might have been two years ago, Living realised that their paranormal programming was the most popular section. Most Haunted was bringing in massive audiences, as it still does. They wanted to make a new series and commissioned this. This idea is thus "take a group of people, all different (but like all young, no old ugly people damn you!) and put them on a bus and they travel around the UK investigating the weird". Its like reality tv. Unfortunately the show did not do very well and no more series was commissioned.

My problem with it, is that it all seemed very fake. The idea was these people were on one of those silver massive tour bus things, and go around the UK, but it feels and looks like it was filmed in a week or two. The first show was like the blair witch project, getting scared in the woods and staying the night with weird symbols all around. I found it really offensive, as they kept saying that Pagans used to kill and sacrifice and send their prayers to the devil.

There is some interesting topics investigated, but I just don't know, there is something that does not quite click. Several people from it now are involved with UK paranormal organisations and other tv programmes.

Tonight's ep is called "Curse of the Crying Boy", all about a mass produced painting that was sold in the 80's. A lot of houses who had the painting in the house had bad luck and lots of fires! They are given a painting to investigate, and hear the tales of all the previous owners who had massive amounts of bad luck. Is it true? Can a painting that's mass produced and several 100 copies made really do that? Its freaky when they try to burn the picture at the end and it does not burn.

The story is a true story. There is a website all about it here, the painting could just be bad taste of course ;) There used to be a really good website about it, but cannot find it now :( But there is millions of sites on google all about it!
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Daniel Spikes


I am so bad, I have not written or sent a single christmas card yet!

But from today I shall start writing cards :) international ones first ;)

They may arrive like Feb 2003, in America darlings, I apologise lol

Now to make lists :)
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