December 10th, 2003

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Unknown Secrets of America

I am posting this from my phone in bed!

I have found out loads about America over the years, like what is Mountain Dew and Kool Aid? Etc but one thing I have no answer too...

What is "Chili Fries"?

Are they like hot spicy fries or soaked in chili sauce and does anyone know, do we have them in the uk? If only we had cheese-in-a-can here!

Daniel Smiling

Today's TV Choices

The Salon (Channel4, 6pm) - After yesterdays show had the icon that is Queen Bea, today's has american football players! Well they did live on E4 during the day yesterday, so I hope its on tonight's highlights. They had a morning of uniform people who wear hats which just simple ruin their hair! I get to fantasise over hot English, American football playing hunks all evening woooo. I say, you can keep your helmet on, or take it off, either way in my bedroom ;)

other stuff is on, but cannot be arsed to write about it tonight ;)
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