December 9th, 2003

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Funniest thing I have seen today (so far)

An American not grasping the concept of Black + White photography...

(about a website with French pictures) Why are all the French pics in b/w? Don't they believe in color?


I am addicted to Black and White at the moment because just using black and white there is like a million different colours. All the greys and different tones and it shows lighting and everything! I blame Christina Aguilera (Who I am still addicted to darlings), and her new video for "The Voice Within".

The Voice Within

The Voice Within

The Voice Within
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Today's TV Choices

MTV UK have cleared their schedules and just showing Osbourne related programming with "get well soon Ozzy" in the corner! I am a fan of the Osbournes, but at any excuse MTV will just show hours of hours of repeating episodes.

What to possibly, or possibly not watch today...

MTV LIVE..... with Christina Aguilera (in London) (MTV, 6pm) - filmed when she was taking her Stripped tour across the UK. There will be a dvd released in January of the full tour and also containing all videos from the Stripped album. I shall grab it.

There is also Christina Aguilera: the rise and the rise of and TV Moments: Christina Aguilera on VH-1 UK tonight, as part of the Diva's week at 6 and 7pm.

Property Ladder Revisited (Channel4, 8pm) - the show that made property developer Sarah Beeney famous! As a homosexualist I adore her, but apparently every straight guy in the UK wants her, because of her massive breasts! Even I would possibly sleep with her. Actually I don't know anyone who wouldn't sleep with her! Anyway I think she should become a massive celebrity tv presenter now!

I even give you a pic of her....

big beenies

more beenies

related links:- Her profile from Britain's Best Homes - Sarah on Property Ladder -

Most Haunted (LivingTV, 9pm) - Final episode of the series from the Galleries of Justice, which I thought were in London, but are actually in Nottingham and were a historical court house, prison and place of execution!

Bedsitcom (Channel4, 10:40pm) - Second of eight episodes of a reality tv series, more like The Real World, than Big Brother. 6 people live in a loft in London and 3 of the people are volunteers, but the other 3 are actors and next door to their loft is the writers room, where they give them storylines which keep changing. The idea is to push the other 3 to insanity to see if they work it all out? They do in the very end! Yesterday was the story that one of the other guys mums fancied one of the other guys in the attic and was trying to get him into bed (being still married). Today one of the girls has to go out but leaves someone to look after her beloved goldfish during the night whilst she is away. During the night, the team next door replace the fish with a dead one and Bob has to explain it all to Mel who returns the next day and the fish is more important to her than anything in the world.

I was sceptical about it, but it is quite good actually and not just another form of a reality show that might get viewers.

Anyway that's it, have to go ,there is hot English, American football guys on the salon LIVE! ;)
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