December 4th, 2003

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For the first time in ages, my live webcam is currently on

I just remembered I hate going on cam, I get so shy and nervous! lol

doh I don't host my webcam image on my server, I host it someplace else and wow it used up so much bandwidth its now suspended until 9am tomorrow! uck!
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grrrr I brought Aliens: Quadrilogy Region 2 from and paid £49.99 and just found out that I could get it from HMV for £39.99 using dodgy online promotional codes!

I go to cancel it and is currently "packing my order, ready for dispatch" and I cannot cancel it! argh! it comes out on Monday. grrr its gonna be "packing it" for several days! I dunno why that phase amuses me!

So I could have saved £10, i should always search first, but is nearly always the cheapest! darn
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Catherine & Daniel

Christmas Cards

I got my first Christmas Card yesterday from silverTristanna!

I wish I was more organised and not currently having a breakdown over Christmas!

darlings if you want a postal Christmas card from me, speak now or forever hold your peace! If I don't have your postal address from the past and you want one, Mail me

Don't post your address in the comments though, cos you will get like a million stalkers!
I am writing my Christmas card lists :) Yell if you want my address!
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