December 3rd, 2003

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Alien Quadrilogy 9-Disc Special Edition

I have suddenly decided I wanna buy the DVD box set, cos I love the films. They were nearly all filmed entirely in the UK, which is so weird! I guess the studios are cheaper or something. *true fact* - When I was in my first school years ago, the welfare lady / nurse of the school's ex husband was the director of photography for the movie. I remember her telling me once, when I was sick and waiting for my parents to collect me from school, aged like 8 or something lol.

Her name was Mrs Ayling. So the other day I go to The Internet Movie Database and the really strange thing, is that its true! On the full credits of Alien (and on the end of the film) (full credits here) There is a entry that says...

Denys Ayling - director of photography: miniature effects

he has a imdb page here and it must all be true! Sadly he died in 1998 apparently, but its in my town, Ealing, London, UK!

I was nursed by his ex wife! darling I just mingle with celebrities!

(apparently some of the power station scenes in Aliens, was filmed somewhere around here in a disused area, but I have no idea exactly where. There is no massive power type tower type things.)

Anyway back on topic! I am such a nightmare at going off direction!

This post has turned MASSIVE, so I have made a lj cut and don't want to fill my friends list with my babblings. Read more on my lj cut and I need you vote on a decision! Collapse )
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