December 2nd, 2003

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Christmas Joke

my first Christmas joke of the year! A friend sent to my mobile phone today....

Q. Why is a Christmas tree better than a bloke?

A. .... It's always erect, its stays up 12 days and nights, has cute balls and it looks good with the lights on ;)

You can't tell its sent from a women at all! lol
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Today's TV Choices

christmas time with old freaks The Salon (Channel4, 6pm) - Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee turn on the Salon Christmas lights! There is even pictorial evidence! Now that is celebrity or something!

Feck I feel so Christmassy!

Watchdog (BBC1, 7pm) - The town that was last year voted the worst Christmas lights and display in the UK, is shown to have redeemed itself!

There is not one but two episodes of Most Haunted tonight, as the show is being repeated (old episodes) every night at 11pm! yey!

Tonight on LivingTV's paranormal zone...

9pm - Penultimate episode of the new series 3 of Most Haunted in Muckleborgh Military Museum in Norfolk.

10pm - Jane Goldman Investigates.... Spell Casting!

11pm - Most Haunted repeat, the one in The House Of Detention in a old prison in London. This old Series2 episode was in a truly evil nasty place. If you have brought the second Most Haunted DVD, you can see outtakes of this episode, and you can see the medium, thrown up against a wall, which was not allowed to be broadcast on UK television.

or on Five, at 10pm is Interview with a Vampire! yey!