November 28th, 2003

Daniel Spikes

Today's TV Choices

All New Top of the Pops (BBC1, 7pm) - Top of the Pops, the weekly BBC singles chart show has been going longer than possibly any of our own parents, and its had 4 million different re-launches and new logos and looks. Every few years its "brand new", and "will be more live" etc.

Tonight is a brand new look again and a special one hour show. The whole concept sounds so so bad! Its gonna be more interactive and have more logos and annoying scrolling things over the screen and "texting" and "competitions". There is already 30 uk music channels that have that constantly.

Victoria Beckham is being promoted on the new show, but alas we wont see the hilarity of her singing live, or trying to mime live. You just get to vote which song you want to see of hers in 2 weeks time.

Check out the new show tonight, its totally all new everything! But I can smell the shit already!

Don't forgot, the delectable American hunk tga will be on V. Graham Norton tonight at 10pm, channel4 with star Mickey Rourke. I shall be watching in slow motion to catch tga in the audience ;)
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