November 27th, 2003

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Happy Thanksgiving

to my American friends :) Think of all the poor native Americans (formally known as Red Indians) who now run Casinos on their sacred land.

My brother is coming back from university today, for 4 days. He has a concert tonight, which I have forgotten what it is, to go to in London - missing two days of university, its disgraceful I tell you! ;)
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Today's TV Choices

There is nothing really I wanna watch tonight, apart from possibly the new UK version of Joe Millionaire. I am not surprised at all that Joe Millionaire 2 died in America, you cannot do it twice really! Its a one off series!

Anyway Joe Millionaire UK is on tonight at 9pm, on E4, coming to Channel4 later. I wish I could show you a photo of the guy, but I cannot find any information about him on the web at all! There is no photos.

But in the TV adverts he is bald and sexy! according to the tv info...

from Radiotimes...

It's contrived, exploitative and deceitful, but that didn't stop the original US series becoming a big hit. Now we get a British version starring Dominic, a 24-year-old bouncer from Bournemouth.

He's set up to date a bevy of young women who think he's a millionaire. Dominic's taught how to pass himself off as a dotcom tycoon - the action really starts when 14 girls arrive at "his" villa in Ibiza.

Four of them are going home by the close of the show.

yey sexy bouncers!
Although I will probably not bother watching it, during already seen Joe Millionaire USA and probably cannot be bothered again lol.
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More TV

The gorgeous tga is gonna be on V. Graham Norton, either today or tomorrow! They record two shows tonight and he's gonna be in the audience in one of them. I don't watch Graham everyday, cos I get bored seeing every single same joke in every show (sorry mr_wunderful *lick*) but gonna watch today and tomorrow and look out!

Although every time someone I know in real life or off the net goes in the audience of a show, they are behind a pillar or something so you never see them or just so difficult to spot! I would be too scared to go on V. Graham Norton ;)

Just before Christmas 2002, Graham took his show to New York for a week, and filmed there with big stars and an American audience who actually understood him. There is a message on the official website here that they are looking for a audience in L.A this year. This is what it says...

If you're in Los Angeles the week before Christmas, then you might just want to spend your time watching V Graham Norton being recorded there!

The show will be recorded from Sunday 14th December for 5 nights, as well as a Christmas Special on Saturday 20th December.

If you want more info, its on the website here. It just has a email address to email. In the UK tickets are free to go and see him, but its very popular and you can't choose which night you are going really or anything like that. Just wanted to post it here for my sexy West Coast friends.

Weirdly I just realised that I used to have a lot of friends in L.A and on the West coast and now they are nearly all in NYC, NJ and the East Coast!
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