November 25th, 2003

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New Music Week

I went crazy and wanted lots of new releases and current music and did a order on for some new music.

It came today and I brought....

Madonna - Remixed and Revisited EP
Madonna - Hollywood (maxi single)
Big Brovaz - Favourite Things (single for my mother, who loves their version of the song)
Nelly Furtado - Folklore (new album)
Black Eyed Peas - Elephunk (album)
Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love? (single)

I have on pre-order...

Black Eyed Peas - Shut Up (single)
Nelly Furtado - Powerless (say what you want) (single)

I am really addicted to the Black Eyed Peas currently and fallen in love with someone from the band.

Fortunately I have graphics to point out who I fancy (god that's such a English phase)...


pointed out using a fabulous yellow arrow, I hasten to add! His name is Taboo, not to be confused with the fabulous drag queen Tabboo!

I think he's so hot, but he is not my usual type at all! That's not such a good pic, but he has really long hair, like kindda native American looks and this amazing chiesled face! My BEP addiction continues....
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Its all about the learning...

That series I spotted on BBC2 about Japan is on all week! On BBC2 during the night they show The Learning Zone and it has shows for schools, students revising, adult learning courses etc which you record and watch later.

Apparently this series is all about learning basic Japanese language and all about the culture. I have not seen what I taped yesterday, but gonna watch tomorrow!

Japanese Language and People
A beginner's introduction to the language and culture of Japan.

Programmes 1-2
1 Introductions 2 All in the family
04.00-05.00 November 24.
Programmes 3-4
3 All in a day's work 4 Shop around
04.00-05.00 November 25.
Programmes 5-6
5 Schooltime 6 On the road
04.00-05.00 November 26.
Programmes 7-8
7 Eating, drinking and entertaining 8 Time out
04.00-05.00 November 27.
Programmes 9-10
9 Give and take 10 Japan tomorrow
04.00-05.00 November 28.

I shall be a expert at the end :) Its funny the cool stuff you sometimes spot! Normally I am drunk and watching weird stuff on the learning zone, like sex education for 6 year olds or something lol.

Now I have to go and set the tape for tonight, and go to sleep :)
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Today's TV Choices

are back, in some form of shocking way!
I was worried that people outside the UK would just find the posts boring, but an American friend reassured me that he finds my comments on tv tres amusing (I paid him to say it!)

What I may try and catch on tv today....

Psychic Live (LivingTV, 5:10pm) - On every weekday from now on, this show has Psychics, paranormal and looking into everything you can think of! It's live at 5 (sorry I just wanted to write that!) or repeated the next morning at 11am. Lots of UK guests in different paranormal fields and watched the first show yesterday and its quite good. They had a blind medium, who was totally amazing and just introduced her. I think she is on today's show, but unsure. Surely as a medium there is a lot of evidence to proof she is a medium. If she is blind from birth, unless she has someone telling her in her ear, she must be genuine! show website

The Outer Limits:- The Message (Sci Fi, 7pm) - Marlee Matlin who plays Joey Lucas in The West Wing and is in real life deaf, is in this episode as the main character. She undergoes an experimental implant which should allow her to hear 100%! Alas in the outer limits way its too powerful and she starts to hear too much, but she still cannot hear normal everyday conversation or sounds around here. She starts to hear whispering by people crying for help, from a different planet! *dun dun dar!*

Days That Shook The World (BBC2, 8pm) - continuing the popular series, and this show is all about the death of JFK, with the 40th anniversary of his death. There seems to be a million JFK programmes at the moment about it. This series does not reveal new secrets or what really happened, just what happened on the news at the time.

The Importance of Being Famous (Channel4, 9pm) - 3 part series about why everyone loves celebrities! I would find it funnier if it called the impotence of being a celebrity ;)

Most Haunted (LivingTV, 9pm) - from Northumberland's Schooner Hotel, said to be the most Haunted Hotel in the UK with over 60 recorded ghosts and 3000 sightings.

Jane Goldman Investigates (LivingTV, 10pm) - Jane investigates Past Life Regression.

Chatted To Death (Channel4, 10:40pm) - all about the lovely topic that is, suicide chatrooms!

The Bronx Bunny Show (E4, 11:05pm) - catch this show if you can! Its a new series on all this week and repeated loads of times on E4 and then I am sure it will go on to Channel4. Its made or filmed in America, by Channel4 and is based on a twisted American style education "access" show with puppets. The main characters are Bronx Bunny and his friend Teddy Tourettes. I caught some of yesterdays show and it cracked me up and had Ming-Na from ER and today's has the sexy Michael Madsen, god he's so hot, and that voice! It also has Sarah Wynter, Lynda Carter and Ross Jeffries on today's show. On every day!

Japanese Language and People (BBC2 - the learning zone, 4am) - I am still addicted and recording all the parts. parts 5 and 6 out of 10 - today's episodes are about school time in Japan and also on the road in Japan!

Ta Ra :)
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