November 12th, 2003

Daniel Moody

Why is it that you just lose control?

ugh I am feeling shitty today! I have been feeling fluie for days and my head hurts!

I cannot think anymore. Thinking and working stuff out is just painful!

We got electricity back thankgod, but had a really crappy night of sleep!
I am going to lay down my head, possibly on to concrete lol
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Today's TV Choices

Oh my gawd, today there is a double bitch face-off television extraganza!

But which Bitch will win (the battle or the ratings or somethin')

What Not to Wear (BBC2, 8:30pm) - The fashion bitches continue the new series, where some woman has trouble wearing clothes that don't clash or have bright patterns!

How Clean Is Your House? (Channel4, 8:30pm) - the cleaning bitches are back! I personally would watch this rather that WNTW, but I might record WNTW and see both! Kim and Aggie go around giving peoples scanky trashy houses a make over! Tonight's first episode is the house of a lady who they claim has the dirtiest house in Britain! The irony is she is a professional cleaner! The most shocking thing of all, is she live in Kent! oh wait the dirty house is the most shocking thing of all! I am gonna get killed for slagging off Kent! If you live in the UK, you can apply to have them clean your house right here at the show's website

The Birds (Sci Fi, 2am) - I will probably be asleep for it, but its an awesome film and what other film sees Tippi Hedren pecked to death! ugh that makes it look like I hate her, when I don't! I mean its awesome and I still want to know how they did all the birds! I like the scene where they are all over her and in her hair and also in the telephone box, smashing in! its so stylish and 60s!

Make Sure You Miss:-

The National Music Awards 2003 (ITV, 9pm) - Legally I think I have a chance of suing for false promises over the show title! These "musicians" should not be rewarded nationally!

from tv schedules....

Sensational performances from Gareth Gates, Busted, Rachel Stevens, Ronan Keating and Girls Aloud make the National Music Awards worth watching. Amanda Holden hosts the glittering ceremony with help from award presenters including Simon Cowell, Will Young and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson. And the highlight for anyone out of their teens is seeing veteran performer Dame Shirley Bassey presented with a lifetime achievement award.

Now my head hurts, I am going to lay down on my bed :)
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