November 11th, 2003

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Its getting dark in here!

So I was just saying goodbye to all the people I talked to online tonight, I saw a couple of really old friends who I have not seen online / talked to for ages! And then was saying goodbye and finishing off stuff so I could shut down and was mid typing and all the power went!

This happened before earlier this, when a stupid workman cut through the power supply under the road for my entire street! My parents have gone to bed and dont know what is going on and l feel so alone! Ugh i am in bed and have candles lit around and typing this on my phone!

Thankgod i always have loads of candles around and my dad has torches everywhere! Its weird as the power went off, out of the window every thing was dark and then suddenly lights came back in the distance and the street lights came back on here! However still some are out and all houses in the local area/ view from my house are in darkness! I think i am just gonna go to sleep and hope its back in the morning!