November 10th, 2003

Daniel + Red Hair

shocking revelations by me

DANielJ UK: i am a big black women trapped in a gay mans body!
XHapiJungleKidX: aw haha
XHapiJungleKidX: so am i
XHapiJungleKidX: me and momo are the only black girls at the drag club
XHapiJungleKidX: haha
XHapiJungleKidX: we be so ghetto
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Today's TV Choices

The Salon (Channel4, 6pm) - Paul (The Manager) is back from holidaying and has cut all his lions mane / scarecrow style hair off! I think it looks sexier! All the staff have been slagging him off, but unfortunately with a televised reality show, everything is recorded ;) show website

19 keys (Five, 7:30pm) - Some sort of new format quiz show involving keys! I wonder if it will become the new international Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? or The Weakest Link

All That Jazz (Sky Cinema, 8pm) - Fosse darling Fosse!

South Park (Sky One, 11:20pm) - A classically hilarious episode "Chickenlover". Someone is going around fucking chickens and the children are told not to call them a "chicken fucker" but "chicken lover"

Make Sure You Miss:-

Rod's Girls (Five, 9pm) - ewwww a show talking to all the blondes that Rod Stewart has ever gone out with, and they discuss what a great lover he is! I feel extremely nauseous already!

V Graham Norton (Channel4, 10pm) - Special guest star Enrique Iglesias! I am boycotting him cos he cut off his mole and can no longer be called "The Mole" or be amusing on stage when the cameras/lighting only shoot from one direction! There is millions of people out there who cannot afford plastic surgery on facial disfigurement!

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