November 6th, 2003

Bling Bling Baby

the great stupidendo!

I got Escape from L.A that was on tonight, mixed up with New York. I found it really awful and crappy, but not like the worst movie I have ever seen. it was just a crap sequel with exactly the same plot as the first one which was a success. Whats the point in remaking it?

Now I go and sleep or rather lie in bed with my cat and watch Third Rock from the Sun and Roseanne. ugh I must stop watching old american tv repeats all night! fuck it who cares, I could be dead tomorrow, possibly from lack of sleep for the past 4 years lol
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what to do when you are losing popularity in a increasing unpopular war #455232

Private Lynch ANALLY raped by Iraqis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

except unfortunately as the article says "Thankfully, she has no memory of the rape". Well how the hell can she write about it in a new book which is not even written by her?

popbitch discussion on Private Lynch anal raping

Is it just me or is it she is used to get popularity and show Iraq is evil? But its already been shown that she has been used to manipulate American media and make up loads of crap about being "saved" which was manufactured

I really must start reading the New York Daily News, its story writing is just amazing!

We met just hours after the Staten Island ferry disaster. Mike Esposito stood outside Staten Island University Hospital and sobbed tears of fear as doctors tried to save his son.

tomorrow kittens get drowned allegedly!
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Today's TV Choice

MTV European Music Awards 2003

I will only be watching all the EMA stuff on mtv today, although normally its a massive run up and disappointing! But thank god P Diddy is not hosting again! The EMA's move to a different country every year and this year are from Edinburgh in Scotland. They ran out of stage space in the arena so its in a massive tent in the car park! *true fact*

It will be hosted by my fave Christina Aguilera and live in most countries tonight. In the UK it starts at 8pm with a countdown show before with different times across Europe. Its normally shown a week or so later in America. I like it when the celebs go there in tiny dresses and its freezing cold! This is especially funny when it was in Stockholm, and it was minus something temperature and they walked down the red carpet with visible smoke coming out when they breathed lol

from MTV PR....

Hip-hop superstar Missy Elliott and chart-topping Californians Black Eyed Peas are the final two artists confirmed to perform at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2003.

They join previously announced performers Beyonce, Dido, Kraftwerk, Kylie Minogue, Pink, Sean Paul, The Darkness, White Stripes and Travis for an unbeatable musical line-up, celebrating 10 years of the awards.

In addition, REM frontman Michael Stipe, Minnie Driver, Outkast’s Andre 3000 and Jackass jokers Chris Pontius and Steve-O join the massive list of celebrity presenters.

LIVE across Europe at 2000 GMT/2100 CET with web streaming on the official website


- Missy Elliot
- Black Eye Peas
- Kraftwerk (first ever live public performance!)
- Pink
- Dido
- Kylie Minogue
- Sean Paul
- Chemical Brothers & Flaming Lips
- Beyonce
- Travis
- The Darkness
- The White Stripes


- Michael Stipe [REM]
- Minnie Driver
- Andre 3000 [Outkast]
- Pontius and Steve-O [Jackass]
- Kelly Osbourne
- Justin Timberlake
- Pharell Williams & Chad Hugo [N*E*R*D]
- Ludacris
- Sharleen Spiteri [Texas]
- Shirley Manson [Garbage]
- Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro [Janes Addiction]
- Vin Diesel [my future husband]

Britney Spears has pulled out because "everyone is so mean to her in UK Media" and gone home sick to America suffering from the flu or a crap single and album and all the interviews she does people ask her about Justin, rather than her alleged abortion (quote from popbitch) of an album.

I think it has a good line-up but its so like the American awards, is there any point of it? It used to have insane European artists! In the nominations there is hardly any artists from Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, France, and all the other European MTV's. Where is Eros Ramazotti and Ramstein and past people like that? Its supposed to be European awards. I shall watch it and bitch about it afterwards though.

At least it always has gorgeous gorgeous stage sets!
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