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November 5th, 2003 - Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops — LiveJournal
I don't have to justify myself to you
I am too lazy to write a commentary about them, but this is what I will be watching today, unless I suddenly find a good quality gay p0rn movie and watch that all night instead ;)

Farscape - Bad Timing (Sci Fi, 5pm) - The final ever episode repeated - makes me cry every time or more like depressed!

What Not To Wear (BBC2, 8:30pm) - the bitches are back!

The Ads They Had To Ban (Five, 9pm)

One Life - Scared to Leave Home (BBC2, 10:35pm) - all about a lady with agoraphobia! not thing like my situation at all! okay it is ;)

Hollyoaks - Leap of Faith (Channel4, 10:40pm) - its late night, with violence, death, murder, sex, etc etc

Escape From L.A (BBC1, 11:15pm) - I first watched the movie entirely though a couple of months ago, never seen it all before! The thing that is so spooky, is that the glider lands on the Manhattan prison island and lands on the roof of the recently built world trade centre largest tower! Its so weird cos at the time it meant nothing in the film, and now it means so much! I am starting to think Kurt Russell was pretty hot in his older films! oh my god I feel so dirty! yet its so true!

Current Mood: contemplative contemplative
Current Music: BoA - Jewel

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I am currently addicted to this A List Celeb Gossip Site its so great, it tells you how each star/actor/musician is totally evil and all the gossip about them! I love it! I want celebrity databases dammit slagging them off lol

I can't stop downloading old music at the moment. Currently I am addicted to downloading....

o any song by Chic
o any song by Sister Sledge
o any song by the totally great and wonderful Sly and the Family Stone
o every single version and remix of Salt-n-Pepa's Push It and other old songs by them. I do have their greatest hits album though somewhere

I think I am in a mp3 time warp and may need series help sometime soon

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: Sly And The Family Stone - Dance To The Music

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