October 30th, 2003

Daniel + Red Hair

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside....

bang its back! Back by popular demand (or someone wrote me a email saying they would break my legs if it did not return*)

Today's TV Choices

Escape to the Country Revisited (BBC2, 8pm) - Early this year just after Christmas, I became addicted to this series. It was on every day and features some people moving from a city location to the country. The family are shown 3 gorgeous country properties, chosen to their needs. It makes me dribble, at gorgeous houses with towers and houses by the sea or castles etc etc. I haven't watched it for ages, because its all repeats but this repeat shows whats happened to the people since the show. Most people don't buy the ideal house at the end :(

The Last White Kids (Channel4, 9pm) - documentary about a family who move to a area of the UK that is nearly totally Asian and about how the white children cope with them being a minority. The show focuses on a 12 year old who is only one of 8 white children in her school. She develops a fascination with Islam life and influences. Her cousins however want to move to a more racially mixed school. There is a borough of London near me that is nearly totally Indian/Hindu/Asian however you want to call it. It is amazing for shopping for rare foods and fruit and have amazing shops and restaurants selling Indian goods. A friend grew up in that area the only white person in the street. The people are really nice and friendly but the borough is one of the poorest in London :(

Strip Search (LivingTV, 9pm) - series that is basically male strip idol! Very popular with homosexuals to watch from forums I have read. I like it, but forgot why I am banned from male strippers when I start shouting at the tv "get your cock out, get it all off!" I become possessed. Most strippers are not that good looking, I decided after a discussion with Rich. I think they have good bodies, but nearly always ugly heads! Moral of the story is that you should always sleep with a stripper wearing a mask!

late night horror films all tonight:-

Nightmare on Elm Street (Sky Cinema, 10pm) Freddie's first ever film and possibly the best out of all 3million of them, with a young cute Johnny Depp!

So I Married An Axe Murderer (LivingTV, 10pm) yey!

Ring (Ringu) (Channel4, 12:20am) - I am not sure if this is the first ever showing on UK terrestrial television or not! But its one of my fave ever films, and my fave Japanese film. Also my fave ever horror movie! I just love it, and after it got addicted to the whole ring group of films etc. Plus I get to promote my fave Ring site RingWorld. I really recommend watching or recording it and its so much better than the American remake. Its a slow film, but very psychological! Ring2 is on Channel4 tomorrow at the same time ;)

(* not legally known to be true)
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