October 13th, 2003

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Catholic Abuse

As time changes and we move to the future, everything is constantly changing! It often freaks me out to think how much has changed in 10 years, or even 2 years! There is one thing however that has barely changed at all and that is most of the worlds popular religions.

There was a really interesting and horrifying show tonight on the BBC in their Panorama strand called "Sex and the Holy City" (website link)

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Catherine & Daniel

Today's TV Choices

The Salon (Channel4, 6pm) - Last week 3 people did not have their contracts renewed and left the salon. I am sure in court the reasons for them having to leave would not hold up! Plus I miss Jackie the fierce afro hairdresser! I guess they were not sacked, just not renewed. We are introduced to the 3 new replacements in today's show (a round up of yesterday on e4, so you've probably already seen the faces on e4). show website

Holiday: you call the shots (BBC1, 7:30pm) - Final show of the current series in Vienna, including going down the Danube! show website

Teen Big Brother - The Experiment (Channel4, 10pm) - After the end of this years UK Big Brother earlier in the year, 8 teenagers (read 18 year olds), spent 10 days in the Big Brother house. The show was commissioned by 4learning, and was to be shown in their schools slot, during the daytime. But because of swearing and the fact that two of them have sex, its been moved (or as a newspaper put it "into prime time"). The show is changed from the normal one and they are given things to deal with and their is no public voting or anything. It will be shown every night this week on channel4 and E4 for 5 days. The teens end up screaming at each other and are not allowed alcohol or cigarettes. I will probably get addicted to it, even though they are all so pike! show website
News story on the pike's having sex

South Park (Sky One, 11:30pm) - South Park's 100th episode hits the UK. But why on Sky One who show it first and then Channel4, is it on so late? It used to be at like 10pm, soon it will be like 3am for the premiere episodes ugh. It still gets high audiences allegedly. I just find it weird, as there is loads of promotion in the media this week for the episode, and yet they treat it badly!
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