October 1st, 2003

Daniel Short Hair!

nightmarish visions

I had a nightmare in the night, and woke up twice, after seeing Mr Rusty's current webcam pic, of him as a really scary clown type person!

I would post it here, but its just too scary and freaky! argh

I will never sleep again

The night before last night I fell asleep on my hand, and woke up in such pain! My hand was fucking blue! ARGH it was so numb and after a while feeling came back and really bad pins and needles! I guess when you are massively heavy and you lie on a limb, you cut off the blood flow!

Now I keep thinking, how long before you lose the limb! ARGH

I really should go to sleep earlier, and stop watching tv at 3am and falling asleep with the tv and lights on etc.
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TV choice of the day

I have decided because hardly anything ever interesting happens in my life, to do a daily TV review, or what to look out for on that day!

- yes I will probably be bored of it and not update it again after tomorrow
- yes there will be days when I will have to make up tv, when there is nothing good on! I should start learning the art of mime now
- its not a copy of Lowculture at all! They are professionals!
- it is TV shows on UK television
- most shows will probably be because I think people are hot in them, (but hey isn't that why most people watch TV shows?)

So these are my first ever choices:~

Beverly Hills, 90210 (Sky One, 3pm) - Brenda is sent away to Paris to be away from Dylan and her and Donna have trouble speaking to the natives (in some sort of warped American Paris, filmed in a studio in California). In two episodes time they meet a really early on sexy Dean Cain there, and Brenda tried to fake that she is French. awww bless the crappy old accent storylines!

Kenyon Confronts (BBC1, 7:30pm) - I love secret investigation shows with microphones taped to peoples chests and cameras hidden in bags etc. Paul Kenyon investigates that anyone can make a dirty bomb from a mixture of one part white vinegar, two parts bi carb of soda and a squeeze of lemon and some blood from a rare monkey in Burma. (Okay he really looks how its easy to buy the ingredients to build your own weapons of mass destruction, in your very own home!)
website about it

The Human Mind (BBC1, 9pm) - Britain's fave scientist person looks at the human mind! There is no evidence of my theory that all our minds are fucked! True fact- Prof Lord Robert Winston who presents it, looks really like the Prof who was my doctor and specialised in my illness in a hospital in London. It used to freak me and my parents out going to see him! This episode looks at how we can get smarter and improve memory! Prof Robert was on TV talking about it this morning and apparently the mind is a real organic part of the brain (which for some odd reason I never thought about), and so if you have a mental illness, surely it all boils down to phyiscal in the end? eg depression is a organic thing really. website about it

My Sister, The Geisha (Channel4, 12:15am) - TV listings say.... "Documentary following a young girl working as a hostess in Tokyo over a period of three months as she eventually makes a momentous personal decision. The film was shot by her sister and her sister's friend." I guess she becomes a Geisha! Anyway it looks interesting!

Finally in case you missed Channel4's awful psychic night a new months ago, which was the most unbalanced thing I have ever seen! There was a live debate with the awful James Randi about all mediums are fake, the mediums weren't allowed to actually to have a balanced reply to this, it also had TV shows that were comedy. What about if you wanted a decent night? One highlight of the awful themed evening was The Top 10 Ways To Contact The Dead. Narrated by Tom Baker it was a amusing chart count down. I recommend catching the repeat at 2:25am on channel4 tonight (or tomorrow morning). The TV listings say about it, "An etiquette guide to contacting the dead including a look at some of the methods of the psychic world covering everything from séances to Ouija boards. For three dollars a word you can use Afterlife Telegrams where a terminally ill courier will memorise your message. Some of the famous names regularly contacted are Louis XIV, Fred Astaire and of course, Elvis". The number one way of contacting is a surprise ;)

That is my top TV for today! Now I have to think of something to write for tomorrow, argh the pressure :)
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