September 23rd, 2003

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Gay Survey

If you are a gay or bi man in the UK and Ireland, there is this going around from

Be part of something amazing!

It's important that you do Vital Statistics 2003
- the Men's Sex Survey - now !
This is the largest annual survey of gay and bisexual men in the world. It has grown over 10 years and now 15, 000 men take part every year.

The Terrence Higgins Trust and Sigma Research are asking all gay and bisexual men across the UK and the Republic of Ireland to do the survey.

Will Nutland, Head of Gay Men's work at the Terrence Higgins Trust says:
"It is a vital part of our work in providing information and advice on HIV prevention and sexual health promotion for gay and bisexual men."

The survey is completely anonymous and mainly about sex between men. It also has questions about your use of the health service (including GPs), HIV vaccines, HIV home testing kits and whether you have seen various health promotion campaigns.

The survey can be completed online (click here)
or via a blue booklet available on the gay scene

= the statistics in the survey have been used a lot over the users to gain info about gay issues, sex, hiv etc, and other issues, because there is no other way of finding out peoples thoughts on the issues, do it, if you live in the uk and sleep with guys :) =
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Big Brother 4 (US) Final

Big Brother 4

If you live in the US, Canada or the UK who show Big Brother US and you watch the show, take part in my who do you want to win in the final , poll!

Poll #183573 big brother final

Who do you want to win the US Big Brother 4?

Alison Alison
Jun Jun

P.S~ if you live in America, please don't give away the final in your journal in MASSIVE letters and ljcut who wins. We dont get the final in the UK, until 24 hours later (well technically 16 hours later) and I really don't want to find out who won before the show. Although I will probably look at the cbs website before Thursday, and spoil it for myself ;)
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