September 12th, 2003

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short, but sweet

I have so many things to write about, from the last two weeks and I must bloody do it! ugh!
I think I have concentration problems, or my body is just exhausted out :(

I spoke to azoth last night on the phone, when he possibly phoned me up drunk and French. His voice was like liquid manly silk, or something! I was trying to think of a adjective :)

I was supposed to see my counsellor today for the first time in like months, cos he has had really bad health, but he cancelled and has the flu! Its all so ironic! I think I may be insane, by the time I next see him Actually I realised I did not really miss counselling that much, when he was off in hospital. I wanna continue it, but dunno for how much longer.
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really strange site of the week

I saw this site on another site last night. It's so weird:-

John Titor, Time Traveller

Its about a guys writings who claims to have come from 2036, and was here for about a year. Its really really freakish. Maybe its all crap, but what if it isn't? Searching on google, there is sites sayings he's a fraud, but there was another guy on the net who claimed to be from the future and in the end admitted he was a fake, where as this guy just disappeared!

The future is so depressing though! It made me realise that we live such a nice cosy life at the moment and not in steel bunkers eating each other!

ugh I am going to continue being freaked out for the next few days now!
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Head Fuck

Head Fuck returns for a new series on the UK Sci Fi channel at 11:35pm tonight! Don't miss it if you like weird videos, films all kinds of weird crap! I am upset its gone from 2 hours, to 30 mins in length though :(