September 9th, 2003

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Daniel's tip of the day!

Never ever take your keyboard apart to clean it, because there is loads of little rubber things under the keys and you can never get it back together again! ARGH Finally my dad helped me get it back together but you have to press the keys so hard to get them to type a character! But positively its lovely and clean!

Now I am using a spare keyboard and its so annoying, it clicks every time you type! I just ordered a new one online, with little extra buttons for functions wooo! Alas no sexual attachments included.

So just never ever even think of opening them!
The reason I did it ,was cos my dad used to always bring home computers for us to use from his university and one day he took a keyboard in and the engineers found loads of chocolate inside the keyboard! We were wild and crazy kids! One of the keys on the keyboard was sticking so thought maybe there is loads of food, Pringles, etc but actually modern keyboards seems to be self contained and stuff cannot fall though the keys! Dunno how water proof they are, I have never spilt anything right over it, as yet! *touch wood*

In other fabulous news, I have updated my LJ Profile. We can all breathe a sigh of relief!
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