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Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops
I don't have to justify myself to you
Hello darlings,
I tried to post a message last night in bed saying I am really evil and erratic and not posted for ages and there is loads of comments I need to reply to from people! doh my apologies! and after writing it all out, it would not connect and post it via crap ugh!

Went to my grandmothers on Sunday for the day. I was still feeling a bit unwell, but just went! travelling on the way to her, we stopped at a service station and there was a whole rugby team there!! Talk about my favourite fantasy coming true! lol Apparently from their shirts they were the Birmingham Bulldogs Rugby League Club. I swear they were all so huge and tall, i would have slept with any one of them, or all at once, either way!

But alas I didn't or get beaten up for coming on to straight blokes and continued to Yorkshire.

When we reached my Grandma who lives in a residental home now, she looked soooo ill I am not kidding, my dad said she looked like death. I thought she looked really thin and like blue in colour! She did not even recognise who I am! I guess it was cos of my hair cut! Then you could see her brain like working and she realised lol and this sweet old lady sitting next to her was like "I knew right away!"

I swear there is more bitchiness and politics in a old peoples home then ANY PLACE!!! I am not kidding! My grandma was like "this new lady Alice moved in and she keeps trying to steal all my stuff, and Alice was sitting right next to her! ARGH I was like oh god.

Anyway apparently my grandma has been unwell and dizzy and sick and was feeling that, that day. We had planned to go to a pub really nearby and still took her out in a wheelchair there for Sunday lunch. I swear when we got outside, she looked so much better and her colour returned!

She never leaves the place and gets fresh air!
ugh getting old is so scary!

That was my exciting weekend and I am still getting my energy back from it, cos now really exhausted :)

Current Mood: mellow mellow
Current Music: Paula Abdul - Ain't never gonna give you up

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