August 19th, 2003

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and then there was....

First there was TRL from MTV America, which in the UK they showed various selected shows of it, and now today at 4:30pm starts...


They have brought loads of expensive guests and nice studio etc. (They wanted it in Leicester Square, to rival Times Square but they did not get planning permission! The council was worried about crowd control) Apparently MTV is desperate to get permission as there is a studio made there, but for now will be in the MTV Europe Camden studios.

The presenters are okay, and thankgod they don't have Carson! (sorry Britta ;))

Its cool there is finally some European MTV live shows, but I bet you 99% that I hate TRL UK. Most of my American friends seem to hate TRL in the US. But I guess people like pop, and people buy pop, or its probably just gonna be the same artists who are promoting one very other channel, just popping on there, saying the same things :(
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Wedding first pic

put it on my webcam and edited it to size before the rest ;)

wedding picture darling

take particular notice to my awful expression. The strange thing is that I never do cheesy smiles! I think I was blinded by a million cameras and people with cam phones!
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