August 10th, 2003

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why not take off all your clothes?

In a weather station at Heathrow airport today, the weather hit 100.2F (37.9C) which is the highest EVER recorded temperture in the UK since records began! news story about it here

My house is about 45 mins from Heathrow Airport! argh I wish I was near the beach or had a pool. I need water all around me dammit!

I have decided during this insane crazy heatwave, to post my current local temperture from the BBC Weather site in each post at the bottom of the post! its all just insane!

current local temperture: 35C / 95F
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I can't stop singing ...
" It's too darn hot...
It's too darn hot.....

and annoying everyone around me ;)

Its such a song a drag queen would sing ;)

I must make new lj icons, everything is soooo out of date!
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