July 21st, 2003

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dance all night now

tried to send azothMr Rusty a text message, but lj texting seems to have totally died out! Either he will get none from me, or 4 million tomorrow!

I had a good time tonight and it was a really good exhibition. Now I go and sleep, cos I am so exhausted and have a headache :)
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Daniel's Hair

interesting factoid of the day about me today

I seem to be posting insanely more recently! thats a observation not a fact!

The fact is, I joined a Japanese/Asian penpal site! I wanna know more Asian people and I have not had new email penpals for years! (possibly cos I owe every single one of my friends a email from about 5 years ago lol apologies!)

I still have a permanent headache from yesterday ugh. I think I have overdone stuff to much, or maybe I need more sleep, or maybe I need tranquilisers or something! or a new head! something like that ;)
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