July 20th, 2003

Catherine & Daniel

LJ friends I've....

Spoken to on the phone:- 11 - devoiddroid drunkgoth gorkerina ironmanjt nasal alectoerinyes odd_dog roaddolly secondprize snowyb whilst

Talked to live on webcam:- 9 - azoth babyty collegeboyfl devoiddroid drunkgoth halcyonpink secondprize tsai whoa_nelly

I have recieved things from in the post or sent them things (bombs, hard drugs, p0rn etc):- 15 - azoth devoiddroid drunkgoth firelove gorkerina ironmanjt jameth mewzik nasal alectoerinyes norae secondprize silver snowyb whist

Texted or received texts from on my mobile:- 8 - azoth caramia devoiddroid drunkgoth ironmanjt jameth silver tsai

Slept with:- currently 0 ;)

Met in real life:- 3 - devoiddroid (knew before lj, online) drunkgoth (real life fag hag/ best friend) roaddolly (knew before lj, online, lost touch now :( )

Would sleep with/ fantasise about:- everyone! I cannot choose out :)

I hate it when people make these things, cos if you're names not down (you're not coming in! lol) then you feel miserable and left out! I probably have accidentally left loads of people off. I made it cos I was bored and trying to avoid other things :)
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Art Deco

I went to bed at 4:30am last night! and yes I do feel shitty today ;)

Today we are going to the Victoria and Albert Museum to the really popular and successful Art Deco Exhibition which ends today.

You have too book tickets in advance and we are going at 7pm (family and I).

I really wanted to go to it, because I love Art Deco design and there has been loads of articles and TV progs on the show. I am just so anxious! argh I just want to go and see it, and hopefully I will be fine! or have a breakdown in the middle of a museum lol. I am hoping it wont be really really crowded. I am sure I will love it. or my fear is getting bored of just art. I hated going to galleries as a kid and just seeing pictures on the walls but I guess this has "sets" and hotel mocks and cars and all sorts of things! I will love it.

well I hope so :)

incidentally after today the exhibition is going on tour:-

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto:
20 September 2003 - 4 January 2004

California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco:
13 March - 5 July 2004

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:
22 August 2004 - 9 January 2005

go see it if you can!

Now I have to go get ready to go, I shall be back writing about it later.
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