July 12th, 2003

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Went off to the Hampton Court Flower Show today and now so exhausted!

But saw this hilarious old joke in this week's Popbitch weekly email...

Q: What is a shitsu?
A: A zoo with no animals

haha! Another funny joke I saw a comedian on tv say the other day...

Do you know what makes my blood boil?
A crematorium!

You can't pay for that level of humour and quite frankly no-one would want to!
now I go to sleep :)
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Daniel + Red Hair

birthday wishes

Happy 21st Birthday gorgeous della!!

Now you can legally buy alcohol and be permantly drunk! (just like fireloveMiss D yey!!)

(later edit:- I just realised fireloveMiss D is not yet 21! I am going straight to the cops ;) I feel so illegal, although I don't know anyone in America who hasn't drunk before 21 lol)
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