June 11th, 2003

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interesting factoids of life

o Yesterday night (i.e early this morning) reading the fabulous popbitch, someone posted that they got the coolest spam subject line ever! I've lost the post now and forgotten its exact mis-spelt wording but it was something like...

get your penis so hard, it can turn walls into rubble

Isn't that just so cool? for the herbal Viagra spam shit. Quite frankly I would rather see a film released with a superhero who could do that, than one of the million computer generated "super heroes". Who needs Spiderman, The Hulk, X-Men when you have that plot as a storyline! Honey that would be a sexual weapon of mass destruction!

o I am thinking of renting Fight Club, but should I? The film has always scared me, mainly straight men who seem to idolise it and say it changed their life forever etc etc! Is there anything for a gay guy? I guess I could see men shirtless and killing each other for 2 hours. I have a strange fetish for boxing, it goes in my rugby/american football fetish tick box.

o My dad stole/borrowed from a friend at work the DVD of Hablo Con Ella (Talk to Her) I loved it, its complex and you have to use your brain! A lot of American people on livejournal seem to hate Pedro Almodóvar and Roman Polanski. It's weird, maybe they cannot handle any movies where you have to actually think about things, rather than spoon-feed "wonderful graphic effects" and "violence" and non existence plot line.

o I am becoming more and more into world cinema each day. There is amazing French and Spanish and Japanese and Bollywood films out there. They are made for a love of the film making art, not how much $$$ that can be earned in the box office. I wish I could go to the cinema, I wanna see Dark Water (Honogurai mizu no soko kara), which has just come out in the UK and is directed by the amazing Hideo Nakata and written by Kôji Suzuki who made the amazing Ringu, one of my fave films ever.

o I want Summer, not horrid humid thunderstormy weather!

o this is the end of this journal post, I thankyou (as my friend used to always write lol)
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!!!!! Exclusive Breaking News !!!!!

My brother has a job at Glastonbury Festival this year!

He got a job from a friend of his and gonna be a parking attendant or someone who directs cars or something like that. The problem is that it is at nights, so he can't watch the festival but it does look cool! I think he can look around during the day if he is not sleeping.

I am jealous, I wanna go at least one year!
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