June 10th, 2003

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Burning Questions

My delicious friend fireloveD has started to ask a Burning Question every Friday. You can see them at this link to his site here

This weeks is:-

How long do you think you'll live and how do you think you'll die?

my personal answer is...

I hope I live to over 100, I really want to cos it would be so amazing! I think that I will get a horrid illness or something (more horrid than what I already have?) but maybe something terminal like HIV or Cancer. I have no idea how I would react getting them, I think I would have a total breakdown but people with them seem to cope somehow.

I think I will get something horrid that kills me in the end, fighting it, at about the age of 50/60! The rates of cancer now, I seem to know more and more people, family friends and such who develop some form of cancer :(
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