April 16th, 2003

Daniel Moody


I meant to post this before but never got around to it!
this week is insane

-seeing Catherine
-getting my haircut

Tuesday:- Today
- went to Heathrow airport to say goodbye to my brother. He is going to Australia for several months. He is going via Tokyo, so I asked him to buy me some stuff. Ring merchandise and BOA Cd's and other stuff.

- off on holiday! My and my parents are going to my grandmother's house. I am still packing for it. I don't really want to go and have big anxiety about handling it. Also there is no net or anything in the house argh.

-back from Yorkshire, where my grandma is.

- My Uncle arrives from Botswana and I get to meet one of my cousins out of 3 for the first time!

My Grandmother has her house near Barnsley, in Yorkshire. She is now is in a nursing home. But the house is empty.

I am anxious about...

- the 3 hour car journey there & back
- surviving there in the boredom/ away from home
- coping
- not having a total breakdown!
ugh my life is so crap-ola

Anyway I must go to bed, because I must finish packing tomorrow and go! I shall hopefully post before going.

P.S ~ At Heathrow Airport today, I forgot how fucking huge it is! It's fucking HUGE! Ta Ra
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Daniel + Red Hair


Off on holiday very soon!
just trying to do everything and pack

leaving soon ugh.
I will try to post via wap on my phone and check my email in the same way. If you don't know my personal mobile number, you can send me a message if you choose free from LJ Text

It's so hot and sunny. It takes 3 hours in the car to get there. I can cope with everything, I will be fine! I hope

I shall wave to snowyb and azoth on the way!
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