March 26th, 2003

Daniel Moody

War crap, skip if sick/bored of it all

Currently encircling the internet is this link. It is a news site of the Russian Army. According to that page /news story several English and American troops have died whilst fighting. It claims about 40 troops are dead from the US and several injured and Brits killed too (not from accidents). I am suspicious as the site uses words like "failures" and "mistakes" all the time. It's incredibly anti-western biased

But then I don't think the news I am seeing is the truth either. I think its someplace in the middle of both. There has been a lot of criticism in the UK in the past few days that newspapers and news channels are not showing dead people and injured iraqi's. Often the military is shown on the news with their super missiles and equipment, but shouldn't the consequences also be shown, even if it is ugly and horrid?

This was the front page of The Mirror I guess now yesterday...

The Mirror's Front Page 24/03/2003

Taken from tizzle_b's journal

Their front pages are getting better and better, ugh should I change to it from my usual newspaper. I hardly read newspapers anyway.

The news is starting to do my head in. How much news actually happens to do with the war a day, maybe 15 mins worth? and then 23 hours and 45 mins of speculation. But it's also addictive to just sit there!

Seeing my councillor last week he said that the councilling place had been inundated with people who want councilling with the trauma and stress of war! lol I think by the end of it, most people's heads will have exploded with all the stuff about war. You cannot escape from tv, newspapers and then you go online and on journals some people are pro, some people are against and then on email mailing lists someone starts a argument. There is no escape!

Well unless you throw out all electrical goods and become mormon or something ;)
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this made me crack up from popjustice this week...


- Cancelled due to lack of corkers -

Also out this week:
Athlete, The Crap One Off The Levi's Ad, Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Crazy Town, Des'Ree, Hot Hot Heat, Mew, Scooter, Stuart, Westlife.

and also...

(editing this afterwards - this is not a new single, just a bit later on in the email weekly newsletter)

* Madonna's 'American Life' (Felix Da Housecat mix)
If Madge really took chances she'd ditch the I-know-what-you-did-two-summers-ago Mirwais version and release this as the Radio Edit.

ugh I cannot believe Abs is releasing a cover of Dead & Alive's "spin me round (like a record)", I think that would possibly lead to burning in hell (in response to your question about sins fireloveDeeeeee dahhhling lol!
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Daniel Moody

blood-boiling issues of farming

ugh I was watching something on tv tonight and it got me so mad and angry! I just felt like I had to write it out someplace!

In the BBC show "Food Police" (a really cool series and has remixed Faithless as their theme tune) they have shown very topics about evils that lurk in our food, etc etc. Today's show was about allergies to things and also about pesticides in food.

The thing that got me very angry was about a family. They brought some land in the countryside and built a house (they looked quite rich, cos the house was huge and they had a full size snooker/pool table (is there a difference between them? I dunno!). Around their large garden was lots of farmers fields belonging to one farmer. It looked a lovely place to buy and build on. However what they did not encounter was that the farmer uses pesticides.

Oneday the father of the house was gardening and had pesticides covered on him, from it being sprayed in the field. He become very sick and in hospital and had muscle wastage and bad health. He has never recovered. (they showed various people who had encountered sheep dips / pesticides and they had muscle wastage and also never recovered their full health again :( ). His family had been getting all kinds of strange symptoms like boils and sores in the mouth and areas and tiredness and all sorts of horrid things. In fact they could not go out in their back garden during the pesticide season.

They took video footage of the spraying and the daughter of the family set up some mannequins by the end of their garden, a few feet from the fence. The mannequins had a baby and small child. The dolls were covered in pesticide which should not have gone in their garden. It is a deadly poison and people using it have to wear safety clothing and a mask and goggles etc.

The farmer refused to tell the family about what chemicals he used on his fields. He has NO legal obligation to do so. However finding out the exact poisons could help adjust her fathers medication. It is not illegal to use pesticides on crops and there is nothing "dodgy" about what the farmer is doing. it is standard practice. They got a deal where the farmer would reveal the chemicals to the families Dr, but the Dr could not tell the family what they were!

The daughter got really into it and found all sorts of worldwide support groups and stories of poisoning by them. She researched into it. She decided to go and ask the farmer directly what was he using on his crops, for her own families safety.

She drove up to the big farmhouse and spoke to a man coming out of a garage. She said I am "her name" and with cameramen from the BBC, please could you tell me what chemicals you are using etc. He got very riled up and suddenly his wife turned up too and she said, "oh you're that girl from the house up there". The farmer said some nasty things to her and his wife suddenly said "get off our property, you are trespassing". The girl drove away crying.

The farmer and wife were very posh, and so typical of these country people who are very conservative supporting and like hunting etc. Also their names were bleeped when she said "hello mr XXX" and also their faces were blurred. Why? I wonder if they threatened the bbc with legal action or something. But it made them look really bad.

The girl said to her parents she thought she had made it worse. Later on she talked to the ministry of health and something else I forgot and was given one hour to talk about pesticides. She showed the video of the mannequins being sprayed. She wants it law that farmers should have to reveal what they use in situations like these.

The farmer has no reason not to say the chemicals he uses.
But it makes a mighty good case to only buy organic produce and not to support that type of farming. There is no way that those poisons are not coming though the food chain and into our systems. Maybe that is why there is so many new allergies/new illnesses/ new cancers/new health risks?

P.S ~ did anyone record on video or tivo it? I would love to know what the girls name was to look up if her campaign is online. Sadly the show does not have a website ugh.
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