March 25th, 2003

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various odd's and ends

I am concerned about whistKyra who has been disowned by her family ugh. I love her and I cant believe any family would disown or chuck someone out. I don't think my parents would if I came out as being gay.

I am concerned about lostrabbit who could give birth at any given moment, with her due date as yesterday! the final stages of pregnancy of people I know get me so stressed and anxious! I can't handle the tension dammit lol

Two weekend's ago my parents met with my brothers godmothers family (I know there is bad " 's " grammar somewhere there, but I don't care!) and we had not seen them since Christmas and they brought me Michael Moore's book "Stupid White Men". I had heard of him but didn't know about his books. Now I really want to read it after his brilliant Oscar's speech.

The sexy bitch they call ironmanjtJT is back home today and allegedly he has a Hello Kitty mobile/cell phone cover ;) Its so cool, I get a text message from each country he goes too with Matt. eg "good morning, we are in Vietnam" then Cambodia, then Bangkok I am so jealous!

Popbitch had the exciting news this week that Hello Kitty has a brand new friend who is a dog! It's marketing genius to sell sell sell though the next year, the only problem is the dog's name ;)

Hello Kitty has a new friend - Puchi Puchi Wanko.
He's a small cheerful dog who loves strawberries
(although too many make him sleepy). His
favorite saying is "a small thing is a good thing"

He's Berry Cute

I want a dog to call Wanko now! It would be so hilarious shouting it in parks and public places! A friend of mine in college had a dog called "Spliff" lol bless.
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