March 24th, 2003

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Make love and listen to the music

I cannot believe technology today!
Now with cam phones and everything you can visit websites and video conference and have live cam/phone sex!

or just watch my webcam in the middle of the street ;)

my webcam on a mobile phone
different days picture on my webcam

It's not my phone dahhlings, I still have my crashing phone, which I will get fixed! I will get it working dammit! It's devoiddroidB:Rich's phone

Whatever next, I want emails from my toaster dammit ;)

(disclaimed:- actually I am rather against the 3rd generation phones because if I want to take a picture I will use a camera, if I want to use a phone, I will use a phone. Do people really want all these features, when using them in the street will possibly result in being mugged at gunpoint for their phone? mobile phone companies and networks are just desperate to get people to keep upgrading their phone and spending more money. Text messaging brings them loads but they want more, they want people to send pictures via text etc and play outrageous prices. Although I quite like my face on a phone ;))
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