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Shoppingqueen's LiveJournal - the personal journal/diary of one who shops
I don't have to justify myself to you
I caught these two pictures today of my cat and dog sleeping on my parents bed :) The black mound behind the dog is the cat (the younger cat Millie).

sleepy cat and dog

sleepy cat and dog again

Its not true that I am posting pictures so I don't have to write about myself - okay maybe it is! lol

I picked my three dream Valentine guys from my friends list on the Livejournal Valentine's Page. Fortunally you can change it around as many times as you want before Feb 14th cos my taste changes so much lol! I hope one of the gorgeous people sends me one too and matches up. Then we can have a gay wedding in Denmark or something ;)

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Amnesty Petition for Human Rights for the Iraqi people

I wish I could go to the huge anti-war march on Saturday in London :( There is anti war protests on Sat 15th Feb in every country. There is more info on the UK Stop The War Coalition website. There is a petition on that website as well.

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god I feel like I am living my life in 24
There is "apparently" a terrorist threat in London as big as Sept 11th in NYC. (BBC news story) Heathrow airport has been surrounded in security for two days and the transport system is even more fucked than usual. (my parents ain't home yet, and should have been home at least an hour ago!)

Strangely I am not worried there is some huge bomb or nuclear device or chemical weapons. What can you do to protect yourself? Build a steal bunker below the house? (why does that remind me of Drew Carey and the Millennium bunker which only had room for a certain number of people lol).

Maybe its the English view cos we have lived with terrorist crap, but I could die tomorrow or maybe I will be fine. If someone wants to commit a stupid act of terrorism and its not stopped or the area is not protected then it will happen, and there is nothing you can do.

I have been bombed very near my house and my best friends were djing in a pub next to it at that time. No one died in that fortunately.

I could walk out of my house tomorrow and get run over. There is only one thing certain when we are born and that is that every single one of us will die!

It's so annoying that they cannot say what is happening in London until its all over in a few days time, I bet it something minor!

The anti-war groups claim that its all a war PR stunt. This high security alert lasts a couple of days (over Saturdays marches as well) and will make British people thing. "god we need to go to war, think of the children!" etc.

I don't trust any news stuff anymore. Unless I have someone next to me translating Bin Laden word from word, how can I believe what the news says? Communist Poland had less propaganda

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