February 7th, 2003

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rising expectations

these allegations about me are entirely untrue! okay perhaps I was walking the dog which led to horrific activities argh.

I am feeling really crappy tonight with a fever but dont wanna go to bed argh. ugh I have counselling tomorrow.

secondprizeHoward is leaving me for Berlin, its very upsetting ;) and deleting his journal lol! dahhhhling come back!

I made bread today using the bread maker. Sadly the yeast was quite old and it did not rise *weeping* - it tasted okay though, just non-risen! :)

none risen bread!
the bread should be in height, at the top of that silver metal container it bakes in next to it :(

none risen bread - side view!
the side view, it tasted okay really. bread making afternoon fun! :)

I should go to bed early. but I am scared that I cannot get to sleep argh. I guess I can only feel better tomorrow :)
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