February 1st, 2003

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Build your own Bear!

There was once a pretty girl called Kyra and she got a job at Build A Bear (sorry hope it's okay to tell the whole world luv] and I am so jealous! I cannot believe there is a chain in America where you can make your own bear!


Me and Miss Debs want to open our own franchise of Build-a-Bear in the UK! We just need a machine, a simple guide to building bears and safety goggles :) I am jealous though, what a cool job!

I remember when I was young (god oneday people are gonna come up to me and say "is it true there was no cd's and dvd players when you were born?" I feel 60 already!), there was Cabbage Patch Dolls and they used to sell out all the time. You could see your own one being built in factory/theme parks in America! I was quite young for that though, and the craze is gone, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (weep I miss them!), or "Hero Turtles" as the bbc called them ;) (The BBC changed their name, cos they thought the cartoon sounded too scary with ninja in the title! lol, it did not make sense when the films were called ninja turtles!).

Everything I write tonight seems to be long and rambling, personal emails to people and comments and journal entries. I think I am slightly high on e numbers again lol.
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me love you long time

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to my Chinese friends and everyone else I know :) This year is the year of the goat (sheep), and its my animal of my birth year 1979! Maybe I am lucky or something :)

The Chinese families in my area on their doors have these wonderful chun lian decorations. They are like poems to the Spring apparently and look like this...

Colorful calligraphy

Chinese New Year info taken from this cool site - China the Beautiful
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Daniel Moody

inappropriate content

I was always told as a child to "think before you speak", because I say stuff first and then regret it!

I was reading a friends journal post here and wrote a stupid silly reply and had not seen on the news about the shuttle crash :(

I feel so stupid now, and its really really inappropriate really.
I don't want to delete it though, because I hate those things that say [post deleted] for eternity and I wrote that.

Dare I say it, but if you go into space, you are taking a risk but its still sad :(
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